Welcome to Fondbrigg Cottage Cattery and Small Animal Boarding


As we are emerging from the lockdown, life here at Fondbrigg Cottage Cattery is still a long way off from being normal. We are able to offer you and your pets the same high standard of service and care as always, however we have had to introduce some new guidelines so that we can keep everyone safe. This includes a new admission and discharge routine. These guidelines are from both the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG).

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Set in a quiet countryside location on the outskirts of Bridlington, Fondbrigg Cottage Cattery aims to make your pet’s stay as happy and comfortable as possible. Quality care and attention is assured for each and every one of our guests whilst catering for all their individual needs. The cattery is small and friendly meaning we can offer a personal and professional service for discerning pet owners who only want the best for their pets. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry friends soon.

Important Notice Regarding Vaccination

We have to adhere to strict licensing laws to allow us to board your cat/s. One of these states:

14.2 Proof must be provided that cats boarded or resident have current vaccinations against infectious feline enteritis, feline respiratory disease and other relevant diseases. The course of vaccination must have been completed at least four weeks before the first date of boarding or in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction. A record that this proof has been supplied must be kept on site throughout the period that the cat is boarded.

PLEASE be sure your cat's vaccinations are up to date and meet the requirements BEFORE booking your cat in for its holidays. We WILL need to see the vaccination certificate on admission as proof that this has been adhered to or we will not be able to take your cat/s and costs will be incurred.