Yes, please call us first so that we can make sure we have plenty of time to show you around properly and answer any questions that you may have.

The cattery is fully equipped with everything our guests need for their stay including toys, dishes, bedding etc. However, if you would like to bring in something that smells of home, it can help your cat to settle in more quickly and we encourage this. Some people bring in a much loved blanket or small bed, or a favourite toy. If you want to wash it, remember to do it at least a couple of weeks before you come in otherwise it defeats the object of the exercise.

Yes you do. Remember that the cattery is full of cats and although we ask everyone to treat their cats beforehand if even one flea manages to get in it will head straight for the cat that is not protected.

It can be tricky as it’s now generally accepted that fleas do become resistant to different preparations over time. It is very tempting to buy flea treatments from retailers or online as even the more recognisable brands are often quite cheap but the preparations that you can get without a vet prescription are not always the same as the ones the vet sells. Our experience is that unless the vet has recommended it recently you can’t guarantee that it will be effective.

Every cat is different and its past experience will influence how nervous it feels when it comes into a new environment. We find that first timers will take at least 24 hours to settle in. During this time they get to understand that no other cats can enter their environment, that nothing nasty is going to happen to them and, importantly, that they will be fed and looked after.

We treat each cat as an individual and give them as much or as little attention as they tell us they need. Some will want lots of reassurance in the first few days, others will value not being pestered while they find their feet and will become more sociable once they feel more secure. On the very rare occasion that a cat has not settled in well, we will tell you. We don’t want your cat to be miserable either! The best way to put your mind at rest is to arrange to visit us so that you can see first hand how relaxed our guests are.

No two cats are the same, but our experience is that rescue cats often settle with us quicker than the average cat, perhaps because they are more used to being treated kindly in a “cattery” type environment. So it doesn’t necessarily follow that a rescue cat will feel less secure.

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