Small Furries

Rabbits and guinea pigs are boarded in large hutches in a large converted stable. This allows for protection from the elements helping to keep them warm in winter and cooler in summer. Heat pads are available when the weather is particularly cold and in summer ice bottles and fans help keep the guests cool. Runs are provided on a grass area to allow them all daily exercise time weather permitting.

Small caged animals need to be brought to us in their regular cage. This must be in good condition and secure.

Boarding prices include hay, bedding and fresh fruit/vegetables. If your pet needs a particular bedding please advise us of this at time of booking. We ask that all rabbits, guinea pigs and small furries are brought along with their own dry food.

Rabbits must be fully vaccinated against both VHD 1 and VHD 2 and myxomatosis. A current vaccination certificate must be provided on arrival at the cattery. Failure to do so means we will be unable to board your pet and you will incur cancellation charges. Regular worming is also recommended.

Weather permitting rabbits and guinea pigs will have access to a grass area each day for some fresh air and a leg stretch. 

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