We reserve the right to refuse a cat at our discretion.

No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infectious disease can be accepted. All cats will be examined on arrival and the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon. Owners will appreciate that this is essential in order to safeguard the health of all cats boarded.

Unfortunately, we cannot board male cats over 6 months old that have not been neutered, or pregnant queens.

All cats must arrive in a secure cat carrier; we accept no responsibility for cats which escape from ill fitting, broken or damaged carriers on site or during transportation.

Please remember that only fully vaccinated cats/kittens can be accepted. A current vaccination certificatemustbe provided on arrival at the cattery. Failure to do so means we will be unable to board your pet and you will incur cancellation charges. If you are in any doubt about your cat’s vaccinations please check with your veterinary surgeon.

Rabbits must be fully vaccinated against VHD and myxomatosis. A current vaccination certificate must be provided on arrival at the cattery. Failure to do so means we will be unable to board your pet and you will incur cancellation charges.

As a courtesy to our other boarders please ensure your cat has been treated for fleas using a veterinary recommended product prior to his/her stay. If your cat has not had any worm treatment in the three months prior to staying with us please ensure they are treated with a vet recommended product at least 24 hours before arrival.

If your cat shows signs of flea or worm infestation it will be treated with an appropriate veterinary approved product and the cost of the treatment, which willnotbe less than £12, will be added to your invoice.

In the event of illness occurring during a stay the proprietor is authorised to request veterinary advice and attendance and undertake any treatment prescribed.

In the event of owners returning before the end of the boarding period booked, the full period booked will be charged. There are no discounts for early collections.

Any pet collected before 10am on the day of departure will not be charged for that day.

All accounts must be settled upon collection of your cat. Any veterinary fees incurred by us on behalf of the owner, must be paid in full, prior to the cat leaving our premises. An invoice will be provided as proof of costs incurred.

For the welfare of our guests we reserve the right to re-home any cat not collected within fifteen days of their scheduled departure date if, after making reasonable efforts, we have not been able to agree suitable arrangements with the owner and/or emergency contact.

The safety, care and comfort of your cat/s is paramount to Fondbrigg Cottage Cattery. If you have any questions on the above Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Copies are available on request or, for your convenience, can be downloaded by clicking here.

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