The Cattery

In Summer 2015 all the original cattery buildings were removed and replaced with new modern units supplied and built by Lindee Lu. This style of unit is approved by International Cat Care (formerly FAB) and is used and approved by leading rescue groups throughout the UK including Cats Protection, RSPCA and Blue Cross. The 4ft Chalet is now the only pen accepted by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) for new Cat Boarding Establishments.

We have eleven 4ft chalets allowing a maximum of two cats from the same family to stay together. The spacious chalets are fully lined and insulated with a vinyl floor for easy cleaning. Two shelves allow the cats a choice of places to sleep. A cat flap and fully opening window lead to a sunning shelf allowing the cats access to the outside exercise area. Each chalet is individually heated by a Pet Cassette which produces an even heat that is thermostatically controlled and ensures a warm and cosy environment.

Full height sneeze barriers are fitted between each pen with opaque panels in the bottom half and clear panels on the top. This allows any nervous cats to have privacy but when they want to venture out they can sit on their sunning shelves and check out the action in the neighbouring pens.

A 6ft long exercise area gives your cats plenty of space to explore, play and relax. A second sunning shelf at the front of the pen provides the perfect viewpoint for watching any activity in the safety passage and outside.

We also have two bespoke pens. Each holds a family of up to three cats but a removable panel means they can become one pen to accommodate a family of up to six. We also offer these units to smaller families of cats should owners wish to upgrade to a larger chalet and run.

Lift-off shutters on the outside of the cattery allow the guests to be warm and snug in the most inclement of weather. These can be removed in better weather allowing extra ventilation.

We also have a separate isolation pen, in the event that cats unexpectedly become unwell during their stay.

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